Top 10 Floral Print Sarees from Suta: A Blossoming Affair of Style

Top 10 Floral Print Sarees from Suta: A Blossoming Affair of Style

Floral prints have perennially held a special place in the world of fashion, and Suta's collection of Floral Print Sarees takes this timeless trend to new heights. In this curated list of the top 10 floral wonders from Suta, each saree tells a unique story through its vibrant blooms and intricate patterns.

1.Sunkissed Daisies of Africa

This screen-printed made-in-heaven mul beauty in a gorgeous violet is stunning!

2.The Tranquil Sepals

This teal gorgeousness of a made-in-heaven mul drape with screenprinted design is breath-taking!

3.Rokto joba

Make an appearance in Suta’s dark red mul cotton saree that is embellished with golden hibiscus flowers.


Make a grand entrance in this stunning floral print viscose modal saree which is sure to turn heads!

5.The Midnight Blush

This black made-in-heaven mul saree with screen printed design is gorgeousness all over!

6.Treasured Blooms

Beauty often flourishes in the unlikeliest quarters. Find and cherish it when you’re wearing this stunning saree made of modal viscose and illustrated with the freshest, most vibrant blossoms.


This is a stunning hand-crafted batik saree in handloom mulberry silk, with beautiful brown hues.

8.Blooming in the Night

This elegant organza silk saree in green floral print is one of a kind!

9.New Moon Bloom

This gorgeous silk saree with batik work in black and beige is a must-have!

10.Rose Roz

When you’re clad in this stunning floral saree made of modal viscose, you’re certain to be a sight worth clamoring over!

Incorporate these top 10 Floral Print Sarees from Suta into your wardrobe, and let the blossoming prints redefine your style with a touch of nature's grace. Each piece is a testament to Suta's commitment to crafting sarees that not only showcase impeccable design but also capture the essence of floral beauty in every fold.

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